Research & Development

For the future-focused, small and medium, environmentally responsible, and cost-conscious businesses, Varna is the like-minded flexible packaging partner that is the Agile Innovator. Our partners benefit from turnkey customized solutions that are the best fit for them. The experienced Varna team will guide you through all the steps and processes from idea inception, product design, execution, and stock management services. We are focused on providing world-class service to the entrepreneurs of the new age and the established institutions alike.

Continuous investment in research & development is the basis allowing us to provide innovative, efficient, and sustainable packaging solutions.

Varna’s Research and Development department focuses on creating flexible packaging solutions for our customers and the needs of the circular economy which makes products more attractive and easier to use. Working in partnership with our customers, we provide the sales, technical, manufacturing, and after sales support required in the present hugely competitive marketplace environment.


Is regularly in contact with external development partners including suppliers, technical organizations especially in the regulatory and recycling area to identify global market trends, future needs, and new packaging materials.

Provides designing and testing services for new product developments

Offers laboratory analysis, product certification from recognized independent laboratories, and special training



The role of packaging has evolved with time, and today, it is a major parameter that could impact the sales of a company. Over the past decade, consumer interest in packaging has increased at an exponential rate, which, in turn, has compelled brands to focus on the aesthetic aspects of their packaging designs. Nowadays, consumer purchasing is greatly influenced by the characteristics of products, which are reflected through packaging, and as a consequence, creates the demand for pre-press for packaging services.

Increasing preference for aesthetic packaging in the growing retail sector and rising awareness about the importance of increasing brand visibility and promotional activities is boosting the growth of flexible packaging.

In short, Brands today want packaging that pops, outsells the competition and makes a memorable impact on the consumer. That’s just what flexible packaging is designed to do.

Whether you’re working with paper, foil, plastic film, other materials, or a combination of them all, the ability to change the shape of any part of a package can make your brand stand out. And shoppers want to buy.


  • Colour Consistency

    A full range of flexographic and gravure printing capabilities ensuring color consistency

  • In House Graphics

    An in-house art department for pre-press and graphic design

  • Customization

    Turnkey flexible packaging solutions from start to finish

  • Flexible Teams

    A flexible team that does whatever it takes to get the job done

  • Cost-Effective Conversion

    Quick and cost-effective conversion of customers’ existing packaging

  • Experience

    Over 60 years of package-engineering experience



Flexible packaging has facilitated the development of many new products currently on store shelves. Yet improved consumer convenience and extended product freshness aren’t the only benefits flexible packaging has brought to the world of packaging.


A first for Sri Lanka with PE/PE Bags and Stand-Up Pouches which are recyclable due to their mono-material structure. Polyethylene (PE) printed film is laminated to another layer of polyethylene (PE) providing strength and durability.


A fast-growing format within the flexible packaging arena. They aren’t just more convenient for consumers and create more billboard space for brands, they require less energy to manufacture and the carbon footprint is lower than that of a rigid container.