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Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches are used for extending the shelf life of a product and to keep them fresh for a long period of time. They are mostly used for preservation of food products and for medical or other similar applications too. Likewise, they also prevent products from corrosion, degradation and even from oxidation of its contents.

Vacuum Pouches are usually made from multiple layers of plastic thus providing high resistance to moisture and punctures. They are sealed with vacuum sealers where air is sucked from the inside before the seal is placed.

Product freshness is one of the key benefits of vacuum pouches as they preserve taste and aroma, while also helping the product to enjoy an extended shelf life. It is a cost-effective solution for food packaging and other products.

Key Benefits

  • Product freshness, taste and aroma protection
  • Extended shelf life
  • Prevent products from corrosion, degradation, spoilage and oxidation
  • Cost-effective packaging solution
  • Light-weight packaging
  • Cost efficient transport
  • Less waste to dispose
  • Lower cost vs. Rigid containers