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Cheese and Dairy

Varna specializes in cheese and dairy packaging. We package sliced cheese, shredded cheese, greek yogurt, and much more. We offer high barrier food packaging through several packaging formats such as the stand-up pouch, retail bags, and institution shreds.

Stand-Up Pouch


  • Stand out on the shelf and stand up in the fridge
  • Available in a wide range of high-barrier packaging materials to meet your product’s needs
  • Available in pre-made pouches or rollstock
  • Available in multiple styles, including Doyen

Retail Bag


  • High-barrier laminations with high-flow sealants and flex crack resistance
  • Film with outstanding optical properties in conjunction with high-fidelity printing
  • Convenience features such as easier scoring for easy open and slider zipper



  • High-barrier EVOH structures provide excellent sealability, seal integrity, and flex-crack resistance throughout the supply chain
  • Engineered materials lock out oxygen while locking in aroma and proper moisture levels for extended shelf life
  • Industry leading printing capabilities combined with our high-clarity materials for case appeal

Institution Shreds


  • High-barrier lamination with high-flow sealants and flex crack resistance
  • Stiffer and tougher film for optimized packaging machinery performance